While the UCHT benefits from many donations that support both its capital and operating costs, its operational costs are primarily funded from proceeds from its Shop in the Wanaka CBD.

The Hospice Shop located at 11A Brownston Street Wanaka, sells quality used household goods and clothing. The Shop is managed by a paid fulltime Retail Manager and is staffed by a team of some 50 wonderful volunteers who freely give their time to staff the Shop. The Shop is open six days a week – 10:00am to 5:00pm weekdays, and 10:00am to 1:00pm on Saturdays.

The Hospice Shop’s operations are supported by a Warehouse also managed by the Retail Manager and is staffed by a team of dedicated volunteers. Our Warehouse is located at 9A Gordon Rd, Wanaka, and warehouse activities are supervised by two paid part-time supervisors who job share. At the Warehouse donated stock is received, sorted, cleaned as necessary, graded and priced for sale.

Our Warehouse is also used as a retail location, particularly for furniture and larger items to ease space pressure in the Shop. The Warehouse is open for such retail to the public between 10:00am & 3:00pm weekdays. The Warehouse is not open at weekends.

The Shop and Warehouse operations are supported by a van that is used to move stock between the Warehouse and Shop. Another team of enthusiastic volunteers operates the van.

Donated Stock
The Trust’s Shop is entirely dependent on the generosity of the Upper Clutha Community in donating stock for us to sell, and we are most grateful for donated stock.
If you would like to donate good quality and clean used items to the Trust for sale, please drop the items off at the Trust’s Warehouse at 9A Gordons Rd, Wanaka during its open hours (see above). If it is not convenient for you to drop-off at the Warehouse, we also accept dropped off stock at our Shop. If you need us to pick up larger items or significant volumes of stock please contact our Retail Manager.

We are always keen to welcome new volunteers to our teams. If you would like to volunteer to join one of the volunteer teams that support the Shop and Warehouse, please contact the Retail Manager at the Shop or the Warehouse Supervisors at the Warehouse

Upper Clutha Hospice Shop

11A Brownston Street, Wanaka

443 4142

Retail Manager:  Jill Milward, 443 4142

To join the Volunteer team:

Contact the Retail Manager

To donate stock at the Shop:

Drop off the items to the Retail Manager

UCHT Warehouse

9A Gordon Rd, Wanaka

Warehouse Supervisor:  Mandy Bavoillot

To join the Volunteer team:

Contact the Retail Manager or the Warehouse Supervisor

To donate stock at the Warehouse:

Drop it off only during the Warehouse open hours (Monday to Friday 10:00am to 3:00pm) Please talk to the Warehouse Manager and get her acceptance of the goods before unloading them.